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The importance of reviews when buying a new car

When buying a car, most people rely on reviews. Reviews are very important to an average car owner as they are generally unbiased and based on research from people who have already tested the car. Although you can test drive a car, that only provides you with a small snapshot into how the car drives, and doesn’t give away much about what ownership is really like, which is why reviews and testimonials can be so helpful.

Cars are designed to be unique and provide distinct advantages as well as challenges. Naturally, sales advertisements focus only on the positive, highlighting various characteristics of the vehicle but forgetting or completely ignoring the challenges.

Reviews are the best way to find out if a car will truly fit your needs. When looking to purchase a vehicle, often there is a goal or expectation that you want the vehicle to fulfill. Apart from getting you from A to B, you probably are also looking for other features such as high performance, an easy driving experience, security and comfort. Such information is generally not readily available through advertisements, but reviews often include a critical view of these. This means that you can determine if the car suits your needs easily.

Reviews include an analysis of all the car specifications. Customers generally do not have the time, knowledge or inclination to get all the specifications of a car from the dealers. In fact in many cases, the salesmen don’t even have this information. It is therefore hard for a customer to get all specs of the car without going straight to the manufacturer. A quick look on the reviews of the car however, provides more information not just on the specifications but also how such specifications improve the performance and durability of the vehicle. Reviews are almost like taking the car for an extended, informed test drive.

Car reviews ensure that you do not waste your money on a flashy car that has no character. Often, as customers in the market for a new car, we are carried away by the flashiness and newness of it. We get to see the exterior which can be quite impressive, but it’s only when we have purchased the car, and made proper use of it that we realise that the flashy exterior was hiding some internal problems. Unfortunately by then, we have already spent money on a car that will only give us limited service.

When a new car comes into the market, dealers often put up huge signs with crazy prices because they know that today many people are trying to ‘keeping up with Jones” and are therefore naturally interested in the new car. As well as giving an opinion of the pros and cons of the car, reviews often give you further information such as an analysis of the dealers carrying the vehicle and the prices that are expected in the market. These reviews therefore give you negotiating power because you already know what deal other customers have got at rival dealerships. Furthermore, it allows you to find dealers who can work with your budget or that are at least willing to negotiate and offer flexible terms of payment. This way, you again do not spend a lot of money for a vehicle that you could have paid much less for.

In summary, we think reviews are great for consumers, and EVERYONE should read a review before they buy a new car. There are a few review sits to consider, such as:

What do you think?

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II 2014 review

Since the launch of it’s ‘entry level’ saloon at the back end of 2009, Rolls-Royce has sold three Ghosts for every one Phantom. Thus it enjoyed in its fourth successive year of record deals in 2013 and hopes to break the 4,000 unit mark with ease in 2014. Clearly, this midlife refresh for the Ghost is urgent to get right.

The design team has managed to resist the allurement to tinker too much with the styling, albeit new more extensive and slimmer LED lights and a reshaped front guard and bumpers separate it from its predecessor. You’ll require a sharp eye to detect that the grille has been raised by 30mm, there are new folds down the inside of the hood and the Spirit of Ecstasy is plotted forward by a further seven degrees.

The interior – maybe more impactful in an luxury vehicle of this type – is fitted with new seats front and back, in spite of the fact that we never had any grievances about the old ones. Extendable thigh backs in the front mean even the tallest travelers can drive in total comfort, while back seats tilted towards one another apparently make a more social environment in the back – we didn’t really notice much of a difference.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II dash

Notwithstanding, the nature of calfskin and craftsmanship on our ‘standard’, short-wheelbase test auto didn’t escape our consideration; it surpasses the S-Class by some edge and leaves the Bentley Flying Spur in the shade. We especially revelled in the crystal topped rotational handle and the profound shag heap covers that convince you to take off your shoes. What’s more if the ultra current dark, white and chrome color plan of our test auto is too nonexclusive for you, Rolls is joyful to oblige with 14 distinction lacquers, any weaving you can devise and exotic hides extending from ostrich to croc.

Regarding new innovation – those LED headlights aren’t only for show. Moving reflectors point the lights around corners and sensors spot approaching activity and piece the pillar to abstain from amazing them. The same eight-rate auto as the Wraith, which utilizes data from the sat-nav to prepare the riggings, is so sleek in its operation you once in a while feel it swapping ratchets, while the 563bhp 6.6-liter V12 is persisted untouched.

To drive, the new Ghost is as imperious as ever. Crush the throttle and the V12 pushes you forward with pace (something we can confirm because of the trademark ‘Force Reserve dial’). The V12 never sounds especially energizing, however you rapidly discover that whilst it is smaller than the Phantom, the Ghost is still an expansive, overwhelming car to drive and feels enormous on British roads. The light steering declines to load up in corners, give it full throttle and the nose tips towards the sky, and whilst it holds hard in corners it also leans drastically on the outside suspension.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II amplified wheelbase back

Far easier then to take it simple and let the Ghost do what it excels at – waft along quickly and noiselessly. Not at all like other luxury cars that baffle the driver with unlimited drive and powertrain settings, the Ghost doesn’t have physically movable suspension, a “sport” button, configurable steering or gearshift paddles behind the wheels – so you’re allowed to simply get on with the matter of driving.

Our test car was fitted with 21-inch wheels (19s are standard), which have a tendency to pound as they drop into potholes or hit rate knocks, however on level surfaces the Ghost coasts along like few other vehicles out and about. In case you’re more prone to drive yourself than be chauffeured, then a Dynamic Driving Package tightens up the suspension and stimulates up the controlling, however we wouldn’t trouble. The Ghost needs to be acknowledged for what it is – an extravagant auto with an unrivaled feeling of occasion manufactured for comfort, not cornering rates.

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How to make your car stand out from the rest

If you own a car, there is someone else, even maybe your neighbour with the same car as yours. Sometimes it is boring to have the same type of thing as someone else, so what do you do to make your car stand out from the rest?

There are many ways of making your car stand out, and the best news is that sometimes, you do not even need to spend money to make your car the centre of attention.

One of the free things you can do to make your car stand out is just to clean it and take care of it! Simple tasks like not letting your car sit in the sun and washing and polishing it, will make your pride and joy look new again. Here is a link to a really great guide on keeping your car clean:

When you clean the car properly, this is when you’re most likely to find scratches or damage to your paintwork. If it’s in a bad state, with scratches going through to the base coat or even the metal, then a new paint job will breathe new life into it and will definitely help it stand out. Whether it is a fresh lick of the same colour paint that you bought it in or a new colour, there is nothing like a nice new paint job in the sun.

Changing your car’s wheels will also make it stand out. These days, many people opt for larger wheels to give their cars a more sporty appearance. If you’re searching for some new alloy wheels then we recommend checking out

When changing the wheels, it makes sense to go for new tyres too, and you can often get these bundled with the wheels, or buy them separately.

You can also modify your cars exterior or body to draw attention to it. Many ‘boy racers’ do things like adding Lamborghini-style doors, removing door handles, changing over the lights, swapping the grilles, and even adding body kits from tuning companies or even just from a higher spec model of their own vehicle.

Another exterior add on to consider is personalised number plates. Isn’t a car with a name on the registration plate cool? There are different types of private plates, for example, you can get your initials, name, nickname or even a hobby. If you’re looking for a cool private plate, check out the DVLA, and there are also lots of dealers to consider too, but one site we’d definitely recommend is as they advertise ‘second hand’ plates.

Lastly, another area that you can change to help your car look different is the interior, although this is obviously only going to be noticed by people that come into close contact with the car. You can replace your steering wheel, tint your windows, replace your seats and even put in an advanced sound system.

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Audi TT 2

Audi TT 2014 Review

It is safe to say that it is the ideal time for the UK’s relationship with the Audi TT Coupe to get much stronger? We purchase a greater number of TT’s here than any other nation, so there’s a significant weight of expectation on the shoulders of the all-new third-gen model.

In view of VW Group’s MQB stage, the most recent TT holds the Audi Space Frame aluminum and steel crossover development of past models and is lighter, more effective and speedier than at any other time.

It’s first available in Sport and S line trims with 227bhp 2.0-liter TFSI petrol or 182bhp 2.0-liter TDI Ultra diesel engines. The petrol is offered with a decision: try for the six-pace manual gearbox and you must have front-wheel drive; try for the six-rate S tronic double grasp transmission and you can just have quattro. In the event that you pick the diesel then the only option is front-wheel drive with a manual gearbox. On the other hand, the 110g/km CO2 outflows are amazingly low for a sports car.

In any case, as the two-wheel-drive TFSI is due to make up the majority of UK stock, this was the model we drove for our first taste of the new TT.

Immediately unmistakable from the first look, the Audi has shorter shades and a tauter-looking nose, in spite of the fact that the unmistakable TT styling signals stay, with the well known adjusted wheelarches, bended windscreen columns, striking shoulder line and inclining tailgate.

Yet for all the tasteful recognition of the outer surface, its the lodge that is the genuine highlight. Stunningly planned and wonderfully executed, its centered around Audi’s eminent Virtual Cockpit framework. This 12.3-inch high-determination LCD screen replaces the customary dials, and does away with the requirement for a core stack screen, taking into consideration a smooth moderate dashboard plan that is energetic and upmarket.

The screen is perfectly clear and places all data in front of the driver. You can switch between Classic View – with conspicuous speedo and rev counter – and Infotainment View, which brings capacities like the route guide or sound screen to the fore. Phone and excursion settings additionally show up on the Virtual Cockpit screen and all capacities might be controlled utilizing either the touch-delicate MMI controller or the multifunction wheel. The clarity of the screen consolidates with the double usefulness of the controls to make Audi’s Virtual Cockpit a breeze to utilize.

Audi TT interior

All cars come with DAB radio, cowhide seats and atmosphere control, while material and perfectly executed switchgear is matched to top notch materials all through the lodge. Roundabout air vents with the control capacity and presentation for the air-con incorporated into them are an alternate highlight.

Gratefully, the driving knowledge awes, as well. Audi’s TT has constantly mixed sports car driver pleasure with commonplace ease of use. The most recent car makes this a stride further – 50kg lighter than its predecessor, its more honed and more captivating than TT’s of old. The turbo motor is punchy and smooth, conveying enough execution to take this TT from 0-62mph in only six seconds.

Out of tight corners, the dependability control comes in easily, and meets expectations with an electronic restricted slip differential to convey shockingly great footing. Also, Audi’s dynamic directing framework adds to the TT’s nimbleness. The steering rack is set up so the guiding line gets to be more straightforward as the wheel is turned. It gives the TT a truly positive front end, with sharp turn-in, in addition to light and predictable weighting. There’s also a fair measure of feel.

Audi TT front

Push on towards the utmost and the back of the TT feels more invigorated and flexible than some time recently, as well. Audi’s Drive Select framework is standard over the extent, taking into consideration Comfort, Dynamic, Efficiency and Auto settings, or the capacity to set up your most loved blend of modes.

On front-wheel-drive TFSI autos like our own, Drive Select modifies throttle reaction, fumes note and directing weighting, while the Efficiency mode lessens fuel utilisation.

S line autos get 19-inch wheels as standard, while 10mm lower and stiffer S line suspension is a no-expense choice. We’d stay far from this on the off chance that you need good ride comfort. Our European-spec auto had more modest 18-inch wheels and was perceptibly smoother than the cordial model, yet we’ll hold judgment on the bigger edges until we test them on UK streets. Audi is again offering its Magnetic Ride dampers as an alternative – in spite of the fact that we didn’t find the opportunity to attempt these on the new auto. Be that as it may with next to no street and wind clamor, the TT strikes a superior harmony between games auto fun and car solace than at any other time in recent memory.

With costs starting at £29,860 for the Sport TFSI, its also more extravagant than at any time in the past, yet it overflows attractive quality – and on the confirmation of our first drive, it’ll keep on winning the hearts and minds of UK purchasers.

Decision – 5 Stars

The first TT was a milestone auto for Audi and its saved no exertion on the third-era car. The styling and quality is just dazzling, and on the outside, the polished looks have delicately developed. Execution, refinement, economy and exterior additions are matched to more keen taking care of and an additionally captivating driving background. The TT is once more to it’s best.

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Costs to Consider When Buying a New Car

Purchasing a new car is exciting but it is crucial to factor costs involved in purchasing a new car. The sticker price is only a part of the original cost of ownership. Many of the fees are not even important such as Dealer Prep and Dealer Holdback Allowance, which are additional costs included by the dealer so as to make more profit on their sale. While other costs, such as transportation fees are the legitimate part of a new car purchasing costs.

The following are the costs to consider when buying a new car:

Financing Fees

When someone decides to finance a car, a monthly installment is agreed to be paid for a number of months. The monthly charge is determined by the size of the initial down payment, the period of the loan and the interest charges, which will be based on the buyers credit history. Generally, lower rates can be offered to new vehicles, while the used car buyers are charged higher interest rates.

Leasing costs

If you are leasing car, the similar financing cost is applied to the formula used to sum up the monthly lease charges which are referred to as cash factor. The cash factor is not stated down as a percentage similar to financing rate for a conventional vehicle loan. Instead, the cash factor is stated down as a minimal number that can be converted to a conventional interest rate by multiplying the figure by 2400.The lower the cash factor, the lower the effective interest charge.

Tax rates 

In certain circumstances, purchasing a vehicle in a different country, can save some money. Nevertheless, most governments have regulations set in place showing that vehicle buyers should pay sales tax on a new car depending on their country or residence. Such regulations are made to prevent buyers from purchasing vehicles at dealerships where lower tax rates have been put in place in an effort to protect local business owners and government budgets.

Country Registration and Licensing Charges

Every country has its own registration and licensing charges. Mostly, these charges are similar regardless of the models of the car. Nevertheless, in some countries, the charges are determined by a number of factors, such as; the year of manufacture, cost of buying, taxable value, cubic centimeter, the owners driving history ,whether or not the vehicle has a financial interest against it and the owners country of residence.

Vehicle Insurance

After buying a car, one of the most important factor to consider is vehicle insurance. Vehicle insurance charges are determined by a number of factors such as, owners driving history, age, marital status, whether still working or retired. Moreover, insurance premiums are determined by the owners’ area of residence, whether or not the car is garaged during the night and the number of miles the car is driven yearly.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

The current vehicles do not need much maintenance and repair compared to the older cars, a allowing most car manufactures to increase their warranty coverage and provide free routine check for a limited period after purchase. There is a great benefit to car buyers in long warranty offers and free scheduled maintenance, and each should be factored in when selecting a make and model.

Most vehicle buyers, mostly focus on a cost and payment when purchasing a new vehicle, whereas, there are a number of factors that can affect the overall cost of owning a car. When choosing between models, it is crucial to factor in these variables when making up which vehicle best suits your budget.



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